Saturday, November 17, 2012

More mobile apps that attempt to give young local athletes more exposure

ViewRecruit Mobile App
ViewRecruit mobile app designed for athletes to better
promote their  field, academic and community achievements.

As I search for mobile apps focused on local sports, I stumbled upon a post on Google + related to Bailey Byrum whose success was caught by a smartphone app named ViewRecruit. Interesting mobile concept.

I 'splurged' $1.99 on the app and was pleasantly surprised with the content about Bailey. His own bio sounds positive, but there a couple of incomplete pieces of info. I wish I could do something for him as a passerby, or a random spectator. I thought that if you considered a platform like that a "LinkedIn for sport figures", things could be a lot more interactive and powerful.

To be honest, in the era of smartphones. when constant information sharing happens from the palm of your hand, it shouldn't be so hard to get noticed these days. Anybody, any school or institutions should be able to let the best local and teen sport heroes rise to the top by simply focusing on their game, education or community activity, while spending the least amount of time on anything else, like writing static bios or similar.

From time to time I heard about situations in life where without significant personal connections some teens couldn't break through to places or life situations where they could take their talents to next levels. Wouldn't it be nice if the community related to a local sport star or a talented teen had a chance to push someone who deserves to be noticed, where he or she belongs? Wouldn't that be a win-win-win  situation:  more power to spectators, more motivation and more fans for players, more focus for coaches. 

My techy mind tends to lean towards a mobile app which would allow all of those who attend games to share their observations about young people who deserve more from their hard work during practices, scrimmages and tough games. LIVESTRONG Sporting Park urges their fans to refuse to be just spectators, but that's a huge commercial conglomerate on MLS arena. I'm looking for a way to allow moms, dads, friends and local supporters with smartphones to chime in and stand behind local athletes year away from going pro. So far, most of the mobile apps for sports tend to be one-directional highways of info speeding at fans of several national or college teams. 

There's been a trend in local news agencies to expose residents of nearby towns to know about recent sporting events, but I think there's room and need for way much more. Let those who spend their evenings traveling to those small soccer games in remote nooks and crannies of their home states contribute quickly, easily and without getting overshouted by noise of social media channels like Facebook. Faster, easier and more productive way to share your enjoyment of watching, playing and/or coaching local sports and sporting events is what I think we are missing these days.

For a moment I thought that ViewRecruit was it, but I'm still looking for something different. If I find a mobile app for local sports, I'm going to stand on the tallest mountain and shout about it. If I don't find it soon, I'm going to find a way to build it.


Unknown said...

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Dominik Ras said...

Interesting +Muhammad Amir, I appreciate you sharing your point of view.

I agree with you to some extent - because there are statistics that suggest people in their late 30's through 50's dominate Facebook. Google+ is also attracts adult crowds. I think what you're trying to say is true for some social media portals, like Instagram, or remote communities that are just getting introduced to social platforms.

View Recruit is probably one of those apps that combines content from younger generations (young athletes' info), while attracting and targeting older generations (managers of pro teams or recruiters of colleges).

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