Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Napa auto parts in Garfield, NJ is group of rude, obnoxious and unprofessional jerks

I wanted to help a friend of mine out and fix up her car over the last weekend. She doesn't have a clue about cars - it turned out that all the car needed was some tlc. Oil change, air filter replacement, spark plugs and wires replacement needed to be done. Luckily ( unluckily in the end) there is Napa auto parts store in my friend's neighborhood. I went there with an intension of purchasing stuff for a over 10 year-old Suzuki. I collected some oil and the STP oil treatment under my arm bc they did not have any shopping baskets at all. I can live with that, I only grabbed 4 quarts of 10W-30 oil. While I waited patiently to be served, literally in the face of one of the clerks, he gave me an unpleasant look few times without saying a word to me. All I wanted to do is get two other filers and pay.

In the mean time, somebody else came in and was served before me. I started not liking the place, but I could live with that as well, I was not in a rush.

One of the rude clerks reached out to me for the oil bottles without a word and walked over to the register, few steps away.

As he was walking away I mentioned I will need parts in addition to the oil. In response I heard an angry, annoyed and rude "whaaaaa?" That pushed me to the limit, but I was only a minute from the final checkout. It wasn't my own vehicle that I needed parts for, so I hesitated when asked for the year of the Suzuki. All of a sudden the clerks starting announcing all over the stinky and dirty store that I wasn't sure about the year of production of the car.

He used the tone that crossed the limits of my patience. I told the guy I didn't need his aftermarket parts. All he had to say was "oh yeah...?"

I turned around and left the store to get parts from Strauss. They had everything I needed and served me with professionally and courteously.

If you don't mind getting aggravated and wasting time when getting auto parts - go to NAPA in Garfield, NJ, on Midland Ave.

Monday, June 20, 2005

What is gcasDtServ.exe? Should I worry about it?

gcasDtServ.exe takes vast resources at the startup. Without it the startup may impove upto one minute on a W2k platform. Malware can be named anything so I recommend searching for the file on the HDD and seing where it is running from.
GcasDtServ.exe should be placed in \System32 folder. It associated with MS Antispyware. MS claims it is an essential component of the their Antispyware server.
Do not terminate the process, however, if it becomes a real nightmare, double check where the executable is runnig from.

Good Luck.

Any other suggestions?

Monday, June 13, 2005

CiceroUiWndFrame not responding

Very often, when shutting down, I get a dialog box... with title that says End Program - CiceroUIWndFrame not responding.
I can click cancel or End Task to kill the pop up and continue shutting down.
I'm running the XP Home with all the latest critical updates and service pack 2

Please advise.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

IIS - Server Application Error

When I attept to access localhost I get this:

Server Application Error
The server has encountered an error while loading an application during the processing of your request. Please refer to the event log for more detail information. Please contact the server administrator for assistance.

I created new Virtual folder, I restarted IIS on my w2k machine but still get the Error message. I am not trying any crazy asp files - only the simplest, plain http://localhost/

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Monday, April 04, 2005

Papiez Jan Pawel II - co czujesz wiedzac o jego pogrzebie?

Najwiekszy z Karoli, z Wojtylow, z Polakow, z Papiezy ... najwikeszy czlowiek swiata odszedl do wiecznosci. Polska zamarla, nawet jedno z najbardziej komercyjnych radiow polski, rmf, zmienilo swoje oblicze i jego stona przypomina stronice z kronik o Papiezu. Wszystkie nowosci to cos roziskrzone odjesciem NASZEGO papieza. W moim rodzinnym domu zawsze, juz od 23 lat wisi obraz czlowieka w bialej czapeczce. Jako kilkuletni brzdzac nie wiedzialem kto to, ale zawsze jakos bilo od jego oblicza czyms szczegolnym. Poniekad czuje sie slabszy wiedzac ze nasz pasterz odszedl. Z drugiej strony czuje sie wiekszy, widzac jak caly swiat nagle zwraca wzrok ku ojczyznie papieza, bo ja tez stamtad jestem. Ziemia na ktorej ja sie wychowalem zrodzila najwiekszego czlowieka swiata. Nikt nie zrobil wiecej dla swiata - D O B R E G O - niz nasz Papiez (z bardzo duzej litery).

Co czujesz slyszac o pogrzebie Papieza?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

WMP Error number C00D2EE6

When I intend to listen to a radio station (http://rmf.fm) I initialize the media player and after a while I get a notification about error number C00D2EE6. How do I get around this error?

Error number -5402 - playing music from Winamp website

If yo go to Winamp.com to the Music page and select a button for an artist that you would like to listen a .pls file should be downloaded on your PC and Winmap should pick it right up to play and please your senses. It does not happen ... You get an error message. The error number is -5402. What to do ??