Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bokeh Effect for Your New LinkedIn Profile

In his list of suggestions for optimal social media presence, Michael Hyatt mentions a number of steps to improve your  social media profile picture. He suggests "Bokeh". We partially see that effect on  pages advertising LinkedIn's New Profiles. Wouldn't it be nice if that feature actually bled into the profile areas as well?

"Bokeh" is one of photographer's techniques that blur picture's background while keeping focus on your own image. LinkedIn invites us to use their new set of features while rotating a very professional looking banner. They seem to partially refer back to Michael's suggestion. The focus is on you, "rockstar" professional, in familiar surroundings, on your own turf that doesn't overshadow your persona:
Meet the New LinkedIn Profile - blurring, bokeh effect
"Bokeh" alike effect of blurring picture backgrounds
In some ways, the screenshot above also resembles Twitter's user profile heading, but LinkedIn kicks is up a notch. In the graphic below, we don't necessarily see the blurring effect, but the profile owner has an option of adding yet another layer of info about his social media presence. Mr. Marczynski is an interesting podcaster as well as editor, and the background image helps him emphasize that. His profile stands out among the tweeting crowd.

Follower of Dominik Ras - Background image effect in Twitter mobile app
Background image effect in Twitter mobile app
I'm not claiming that all social platforms should be alike. I just thought it might be beneficial to achieve the effect of Przemek's setup or invitational marketing banner with David Fleming's sample on actual New LinkedIn Profiles as well.

Would you like the top of your LinkedIn Profile to look like the screenshot with David's face on it? Let me know in your comments or on G+.


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