Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 Must-See Changes in New LinkedIn Profiles

New LinkedIn Profiles have been available only to limited audience by invitation since October of 2012. I thought I would be worth sharing what those enhancements have in store for us. 

Changes on LinkedIn were labeled as "New LinkedIn Profile" for the simple reason that they bring a lot of newly polished collection of features that make others stand out on Google+ pages, Twitter profile views or blogs. While some of them may already be very familiar, they's been rejuvenated with  a subtle facelift:

There were 3 main ways in which new profiles make your relationship building easier, but enhancements don't stop at those items. All of us should catch 6 main areas of change:

1. Making a great first impression
Make a great first impression

2. Discovering new insights. Learn about your network and how you're found
Discover New Insights

3. Professional conversations. Share what you're working on, or that interesting article you're read
Start a converstation

4. Telling your professional story. Build your experience, accomplishments, and skills for life
Tell your professional story

5. Letting your network know what's on your mind. Faster, easier and more productive ways to connect and build relationships

Say hello to your network

I'm hoping that new and improved features will keep multiplying on LinkedIn. I like what I'm seeing so far. I wonder what others think about those changes. 

Will those changes really make our networking faster, easier and be more productive? Let me know what you think in comments below.


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