Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Faster, easier and more productive with AirDisplay, wireless multi-monitor hookup

AirDisplay allows you to stretch your current monitor real estate.

"Whoopty dooo", one might say. "I already have a thick VGA cable along with a power cord and a USB cable hooked to the right of my laptop.

But imagine a situation where:
  • you could skip those cables, and actually hold your external monitor in your hand
  • you could stretch content from one computer onto another idle computer, a tablet or a smartphone
  • you stretch your windows from your Mac onto your Windows machine physically independent piece of hardware
  • control your PC or Mac from your tablet
  • quickly test how your stuff looks like on a tablet, without going through provisioning processes through Apple or Android
  • you easily deploy an additional monitor, on a fly, just tap an app on your tablet, no wires, no additional $$, just pure productivity
Enough about the imagining. That stuff is real. All you need is hookup to an app called AirDisplay. You have to pay for a decent version of that software, but if you give up your 2 frappuccinos tomorrow and the day after that, you'll love how well your money was spent. The time saved on NOT playing around with wires alone will make up for the minor expense.

It may not be as snappy as a wire connection, but if you just need that extra 10 inches to keep a spreadsheet open for lookup, or a mockup of something your designing on your main monitor, AirDisplay will not disapoint you.