Monday, April 25, 2011

7 Key Points to Consider When Dealing With Negative Posts on Facebook

This is how Intel handles negative posts on Facebook. 

Key points:
  1. Realize that attacks can come from anywhere.
  2. Plan for the worst. The key to responding effectively to negative publicity is having a response plan in place internally and a comments policy clearly posted to your Facebook page.
  3. Watch for warning signs. Do use social media monitoring tools to help keep an eye on your brand's social presence.
  4. Have a fire drill. Try setting up a dummy page on your internal network and practice responding to difficult questions and controversial posts.
  5. Know when to escalate.
  6. Your fans are your best defense. True fans can provide you with the most convincing, authentic response to an attack by arguing on your behalf.
  7. Take it seriously. Respond to legitimate concerns as much as you can.


Shawn said...

Think of the nicest way to cover up your name. Do not create any attacking post. This could be the start of the rivalry between you and your customer.

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yasra said...

Thanks for sharing that tutorial.
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Dominik Ras said...

Sorry for such a late reply, but I agree. Focus on positive aspects of your web presence should be the main ingredient of your secret sauce.

Unknown said...

The key to responding effectively to negative δημιουργία ιστοσελίδας publicity is having a response.

Dominik Ras said...

That's true +Muhammad Amir (

Disregarding a negative feedback on Social Media can work against you.

Unknown said...

this is a nice post, thanks for sharing.

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Dominik Ras said...

No problem. Thanks for your kind feedback Stephen. I'm glad you liked the post.