Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spyware vs Viruses

What's worse, spyware or viruses? How to get rid of it? What to use to clean it up? How to attempt preventing outbreaks?

What's your take on spyware?
Here's my (mintol1) view:

Some people have a lot of valuable information to share in that forum. Beware though, some of them are just IT idiots who claim themselves to know it ALL.

I think it is worth while reading throug at least some of those posts.

Enjoy !!


Dominik Ras said...

johnsmith9805181220 i think you might have made slight mistake with posting your stuff under my Spyware vs Viruses posting. Good luck with your business

Unknown said...

Really a good information.This helps me lot.Thanks for sharing it outsource

Dominik Ras said...

Cool resource. Thanks +Alex Bandit