Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Napa auto parts in Garfield, NJ is group of rude, obnoxious and unprofessional jerks

I wanted to help a friend of mine out and fix up her car over the last weekend. She doesn't have a clue about cars - it turned out that all the car needed was some tlc. Oil change, air filter replacement, spark plugs and wires replacement needed to be done. Luckily ( unluckily in the end) there is Napa auto parts store in my friend's neighborhood. I went there with an intension of purchasing stuff for a over 10 year-old Suzuki. I collected some oil and the STP oil treatment under my arm bc they did not have any shopping baskets at all. I can live with that, I only grabbed 4 quarts of 10W-30 oil. While I waited patiently to be served, literally in the face of one of the clerks, he gave me an unpleasant look few times without saying a word to me. All I wanted to do is get two other filers and pay.

In the mean time, somebody else came in and was served before me. I started not liking the place, but I could live with that as well, I was not in a rush.

One of the rude clerks reached out to me for the oil bottles without a word and walked over to the register, few steps away.

As he was walking away I mentioned I will need parts in addition to the oil. In response I heard an angry, annoyed and rude "whaaaaa?" That pushed me to the limit, but I was only a minute from the final checkout. It wasn't my own vehicle that I needed parts for, so I hesitated when asked for the year of the Suzuki. All of a sudden the clerks starting announcing all over the stinky and dirty store that I wasn't sure about the year of production of the car.

He used the tone that crossed the limits of my patience. I told the guy I didn't need his aftermarket parts. All he had to say was "oh yeah...?"

I turned around and left the store to get parts from Strauss. They had everything I needed and served me with professionally and courteously.

If you don't mind getting aggravated and wasting time when getting auto parts - go to NAPA in Garfield, NJ, on Midland Ave.


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Dominik Ras said...

Thanks wacks. And thanks for sharing the link to that auto restoration service (http://www.prestigeclassicmotors.com/).

Hopefully they don't use NAPA for their parts supplier.