Monday, June 13, 2005

CiceroUiWndFrame not responding

Very often, when shutting down, I get a dialog box... with title that says End Program - CiceroUIWndFrame not responding.
I can click cancel or End Task to kill the pop up and continue shutting down.
I'm running the XP Home with all the latest critical updates and service pack 2

Please advise.


Dominik Ras said...

I found possible solution to the problem on Google Groups. You will need to uninstall "Speech and Handwriting Recognition" part of Office XP:

Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Microsoft Office, click on Change button, browse to Office Shared Features | Alternative User Input | Speech and Handwriting Recognition.
Select both entries, right-click and select Not available from the drop-down menu.

That will uninstalll the component and the Cicero..... error message should go away.

Any other suggestions?


William Wagner said...

I always experience that kind of problem as well. I think it's an issue that isn't fixed in Windows XP yet.

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yasra said...

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Dominik Ras said...

William, I'm still using Windows XP when needed and that issue does not appear to recur anymore.

Dominik Ras said...

yasra, thanks for the link. It does not appear to be related to CiceroUiWndFrame, but it's cool, looks legit and helpful (

Dominik Ras said...

I've configured a dual boot machine with Windows 8 and Windows XP not too long ago. So far (knock on wood) I have not seen any weird issues like that on Windows 8 -