Friday, December 13, 2013

Adobe gives out its CS2 software for free

Early this year, Adobe decided to lend a helping hand to those who would like to dabble with their software at home, but don't want to deal with "reader" versions or trimmed functionality of trial applications. 

Both Chromebook or Firefox OS won't work here, but if you're on a Mac or Windows, Adobe offers a lot for you:
  • Installation instructions
  • Mountable deployment packages for Mac and Windows discs
  • Extras
  • Video training materials
  • Installation troubleshooting guides
Adobe CS2 Free Download
Adobe CS2 Free Download
To get to those Adobe CS2 Downloads, click this link. Just in case, the full URL/address to the download page is

There's a quite a bit of software to choose from:
  • Acrobat Pro 7.0
  • Photoshop CS2
All you really need to do to get ALL of those goodies, is to create an Adobe Account (just as if you were setting up a new account on any other online portal or a shopping cart (no payment info necessary). Let me know if you run into any issues during the process, I may be able to help. Good luck! 

If you're still reading, stop! Just go to the CS2 download page and start downloading, installing and enjoying some really powerful software for free. Don't be bashful, get creative! 

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